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# vim-git-control
## a simple git integration for vim
`vim-git-control` provides simple integration for committing, pushing and checking out branches for git within vim
## Installation
preferred use is with [plugin-manager]( Just download the `it-control.vim` and move it into
`~/.vim/plugins`. Then add the plugin to your plugins list.
" Name: git-control
" Author: Moritz Sokoll
" Description: a git version conrol integration for vim
" Description: a git version control integration for vim
if exists('g:git_control_loaded')
......@@ -17,5 +17,24 @@ function! Git_Commit()
function! Git_Push()
let stat = system('git push')
function! Git_Checkout()
let branch_name = input('branch: ')
echo ''
if len(branch_name) < 1
echo 'branch name too short'
elseif matchstr(branch_name, ' ') == ' '
echo 'branch names cannot have spaces in them'
let stat = system('git checkout -b ' . branch_name)
echo stat
command! GitCommit call Git_Commit()
command! GitPush call Git_Push()
command! GitCheckout call Git_Checkout()
let g:git_control_loaded = 1
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