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......@@ -21,3 +21,7 @@ Don't add plugin-manager itself to the plugins list.
- `g:plugins`: The list of plugins to load
- `g:pluginmanagerlistloaded`: set it to 1 if you want to list all loaded plugins at startup
- `g:pluginmanagerloaded`: says if the plugin-manager has been loaded (should not be edited by users)
## Further Documentation
Using the installation method explained above you'll get a help page for vim.
It should be used as a documentation
......@@ -2,8 +2,12 @@
# this script installs plugin-manager, a simple vim plugin manager
mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugins # create the plugins directory recursively if not existing
mkdir -p ~/.vim/doc
curl -s > ~/.vim/plugins/plugin-manager.vim # download the manager file itself
curl -s > ~/.vim/plugins/plugin-manager.vim
curl -s > ~/.vim/doc/plugin-manager.txt
echo 'plugin-manager has been installed!'
echo 'its not active yet.'
echo 'to activate it follow the readme <>'
echo 'plugin-manager has installed a help page. Inside of vim use: `:helptags ~/.vim/doc` to load it'
*plugin-manager.txt* For Vim version 8.2 Last change: 2021 June 7
a simple plugin-manager for vim *plugin-manager*
1. Usage and configuration |plugin-manager-usage|
2. :Loadplugins |plugin-manager-load|
1. Usage and configuration *plugin-manager-usage*
This plugin manager is configured with the `g:plugins` variable: >
let g:plugins = ['git-control', 'snippets']
This tells plugin manager which files to load. It will load files from
Note: plugin-manager will look for .vim files so `'git-control'` refers to
To load plugins add the following line to your vimrc: >
call LoadPlugins()
You can also use a command:
:Loadplugins load all plugins stored inside of `g:plugins`
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