Unverified Commit 204ce7a8 authored by Rainer Sokoll's avatar Rainer Sokoll
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added state 'idle' for Kodi and Apple TV

parent 5f56bd86
......@@ -73,3 +73,19 @@
color_temp: 400
brightness_pct: 80
transition: 3
- alias: Film Ende
platform: state
entity_id: media_player.kodi_wohnzimmer, media_player.schwarzes_kastchen_3
to: 'idle'
- condition: state
entity_id: light.wohnzimmer_stehlampe
state: 'on'
service: light.turn_on
entity_id: light.wohnzimmer_stehlampe
color_temp: 400
brightness_pct: 100
transition: 4
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